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Careers in Death

There is probably more than a little truth to the old adage about job security in the funeral profession. After all, everyone is going to die. For many of you, a job in the death profession might not be your ideal career, for others, it may present an opportunity to pursue a passion. The death

funeral preplanning

What You Need To Know About Funeral Pre-Planning

We know, another “boring” article about funeral pre-planning. But we have some news for you: we are all going to die one day. And while no one can predict when that day will be, pre-planning gives you the power to decide what will happen to your body once you die, and allows your family to know that

what is embalming?

What Exactly is Embalming?

We have all heard about embalming, but do you really know what the process entails? Embalming today has become a very common practice in the West. Even people who are cremated will often be embalmed if there is an open casket memorial beforehand. When we hear embalming mentioned, most of us are probably initially grossed out,

the loss of a father

Best Books About Fathers and Grief

Losing a parent can be one of the toughest experiences we go through. Losing a father can be especially difficult to navigate, and it can vary from person to person, depending on the type of relationship we had with them. Many of us look up to our fathers for guidance, care, and support throughout our lives. When facing

Best Books About Mothers & Grief

The relationship between a mother and child is unlike any other. It is one of unconditional love, guidance, and care. When we are young, we look to our mothers for everything. As we get older, the relationship shifts from one of caregiver to friend, and if we are lucky, confidant. Mother’s Day, while intended to

The Guide to Unconventional Burial Methods

When you think of a typical burial, one thing usually comes to mind: a classic coffin buried in the earth. These days, however, more and more unique and unconventional burial methods are becoming available! And when you look to the past, you’ll quickly discover that the ways that human beings have buried the dead is

Military Funerals Around the World

When one thinks about military funerals, you probably think immediately of decorative uniforms, folded flags, firing rifles, and sounding trumpets. But have you ever wondered how these iconic traditions came to be? Or how they may differ around the world? Military funerals are traditional, highly ritualized, and have a general air of formality, honour, and respect

Donating Your Body in the United States

There are many things we can do with our bodies after we die. We can bury them, cremate them, or send our ashes into space. But have you ever considered donating your body to science? In the United States, the options for body disposal are endless but more and more people are choosing to make