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Grief Support: Thoughts, tools and techniques to help overcome grief and personal loss, or support someone in the bereavement process.

scattering cremated remains

Scattering Cremated Remains: What You Need to Know

Cremation rates in North America are skyrocketing. Before the 20th century, very few people were cremated; an act that was seriously frowned upon by the Church. Today rates of cremation are around 40% in the United States and 68% in Canada. These numbers are expected to rise to above 60% in the United States in the next 20

Most Inspirational Quotes on Life and Death

Sometimes we find inspiration in the most unexpected places. This is exactly what you’ll find in our list of the most inspirational quotes on life and death. We tend to see death as an ending; a moment where everything is lost, but it can be more than that. These quotes remind us that there are

Transforming Loss: Working in Senior Care

As our population ages, end of life issues and senior care are becoming social priorities. There are economic, political and social factors when dealing with an aging population but at its core the most important factor is the human touch. This week’s Qeepr Interview series is all about the human-to-human interaction that goes into elderly care

6 Ways to Commemorate Your Pet

The connections we share with our pets can be incredibly strong. They are with us through the good and the bad, and love us unconditionally. They teach us the importance of companionship, and what it means to have someone to rely on (as well as have someone who relies on us!).

#Talkdeath 2nd Edition, Recap

On Wednesday, June 17th, we hosted our second #Talkdeath roundtable discussion on all things related to death, dying, funeral practices, and grief. Mandy and Georgia from the Qeepr team moderated the discussion between‘s Chris Raymond and The Doyenne of Death and author of A Good Goodbye, Gail Rubin.

online grief support forum

Grief Support Forums

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a friend, co-worker or family member knows the indescribable pain this causes. More than pain, the loss of someone we love can make us feel truly alone. With the growth of internet technology and the surge of people going online for help, there has been a parallel growth

How to Support a Grieving Person

How to Support a Grieving Person

Consoling a friend or loved one when they are coping with a great loss can be difficult. You may feel that nothing you say or do helps. This may especially be the case if you have not experienced such a situation before. Yet, your mere presence by the side of the grieving person could make

Finding the Right Words to Express Sympathy

The loss of a loved one is an extremely difficult reality we must all face at one point in our lives. In those moments, there are very few things that could ease the pain. However, the right words, sent to people who are grieving, can be a great way to let them know you are