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The Modern Mortician and the Future of Funerals

For our latest #TalkDeath video, we sat down with Melissa, the Modern Mortician, and her grief-therapy dog Kermit! We asked you for questions, and we were overwhelmed by your response! From autopsy methodology to eco-friendly urns, we talked death and dying with Melissa for over an hour. We are going to be slowly releasing different parts of our

#TalkDeath Canadian Funeral Law ReCap

Episode 6 of #Talkdeath featured two experts who are well versed in Canadian funerary practice, Nathan Romagnoli and Janet McCausland. Nathan is the owner of Eco Funerals and Janet is chair person for the Natural Burial Association. They spoke with Qeepr LIVE on September 27th and answered all your questions about Canadian funeral law, burial alternatives and your legal rights after you die. This was

talkdeath historical and future death practices

#TalkDeath 7: Historical Death and Future Death

We are excited to announce the 7th edition of our #TalkDeath series, Historical Death / Future Death.  We decided to dip into the academic world for this edition and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Professor John Troyer is Director of the Centre for Death and Society and lecturer at the University of Bath in

canadian funeral law

#TalkDeath #6: Canadian Funeral Law

We are excited to announce the 6th edition of our #TalkDeath series, Canadian Funeral Law.  This round features two experts who are well versed in Canadian funerary practice. Owner of Eco Funerals, Nathan Romagnoli, and chair person for the Natural Burial Association, Janet McCausland, will be speaking with Qeepr LIVE on September 27th @ 12pm EST on YouTube.

#TalkDeath Who Owns Your Body Recap

Since the number 1 question we get asked by people is “what can I legally do with my body after I die?” we decided it was time to talk to the experts and get straight to the bottom of this rather complicated question. On the 5th edition of our #TalkDeath series, funeral law specialist Tanya Marsh and chair

#TalkDeath Episode 5: Who Own Your Body?

We are excited to announce the 5th edition of our #TalkDeath series, Who Owns Your Body: Funeral Law & Rights, USA Edition.  Funeral law specialist Tanya Marsh and chair of the National Home Funeral Alliance, Lee Webster, will be speaking with Qeepr LIVE on July 7th @ 3:30pm EST on YouTube. Our experts will answer any questions you might have

TalkDeath: Eco Burial and Human Composting ReCap

On April 28th, 2016 founder and executive director of the Urban Death Project, Katrina Spade and Green Burial Council CEO, Joe Sehee answered all your questions LIVE on YouTube! Episode 4 of #TalkDeath was all about Eco-Burials and Human Composting and we talked about natural burials, decomposing bodies, corpse pods and the environmental impact of conventional funerals. In case you don’t know,

Qeepr Announces New Episode of TalkDeath Series: Eco-Burial and Human Composting

Episode four of Qeepr’s #TalkDeath webseries to feature Katrina Spade of the Urban Death Project and Joe Sehee of the Green Burial Council. The public is asked to submit their questions on green burial and eco-friendly alternatives via social media using #TalkDeath in their message. Montreal, Canada – April 14, 2016 /PressCable/ — Online memorial platform