The Modern Mortician and the Future of Funerals

Cremation rates are rising, green burial options are increasing, and some people are trying to bring funerals back inside the home. Yet many of these shifts are barely a blip on the screen compared to the traditional forms of interment and memorialization. 

Death today still overwhelmingly occurs within hospital walls. The dead are injected with chemicals and remembered throughout rigid funeral rites. Bodies are buried in expensive caskets surrounded by cement vaults and manicured lawns. Some people want to change this.

Meet the Modern Mortician

For our next #TalkDeath video series, we are hosting Melissa, the Modern Mortician, and her grief-therapy dog Kermit (you'll never guess how large a kibble retainer we had to pay to get him on!).  

Melissa is a first generation Funeral Director/Embalmer (ie: mortician). She has worked in death care for over 20 years and has been fully licensed in Texas for the past 5 years. On her website, Melissa writes that she is "passionate about empowering families to care for their own dead, and support home funerals and natural burial options, not just for humans, but their creature companions as well." She is also a member of the National Home Funeral Alliance, as well as the Funeral Consumers Alliance, and a supportive member of The Order of the Good Death. 

Kermit the dog is the first certified therapy dog in Funeral Care in Texas. Both Kermit and Melissa are pet therapy team members with The Dog Alliance. Kermit has received National and World-Wide recognition with multiple articles and interviews about him. You can follow Melissa and Kermit on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Ask The Mod Mortician Your Questions

Have a question about green burial? Want to know what the Mod Mortician thinks about the future of funerals? Curious about the process of preparing a body? Ask us your questions in the comments below, or on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (with the hashtag #TalkDeath), and the Mod Mortician will answer them.


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