Careers in Death

There is probably more than a little truth to the old adage about job security in the funeral profession. After all, everyone is going to die. For many of you, a job in the death profession might not be your ideal career, for others, it may present an opportunity to pursue a passion. The death

life extension

The Ethics of Life Extension

Be it through literature, film, or television, the idea of life extension has been nothing short of prolific. The concept has become so ingrained in our cultural psyche that most give its presence little thought. In North America, the average life expectancy today is 78 years of age. Even though our current life expectancy is

crime scene photography

A Brief History of Crime Scene Photography

Do you know what the first tool the police and forensic investigators use when they arrive at the scene of a murder? A camera. Crime scene photography, also known as forensic photography, has come to play a pretty integral role in the documentation, investigation, and conviction of crimes all over the world. By capturing images of

funeral preplanning

What You Need To Know About Funeral Pre-Planning

We know, another “boring” article about funeral pre-planning. But we have some news for you: we are all going to die one day. And while no one can predict when that day will be, pre-planning gives you the power to decide what will happen to your body once you die, and allows your family to know that

TalkDeath - Death Positive Community

Qeepr Announces New Death Positive Website,

Montreal, Quebec – August 7, 2017 – Online memorial platform and death positive community leaders, Qeepr, have announced the launch of their new website, TalkDeath is the new home to Qeepr Blog’s end-of-life resources, articles, videos and news. TalkDeath will also be the host platform for Qeepr’s acclaimed YouTube web series #TalkDeath. Qeepr founder

lets talk about death

Welcome to TalkDeath- Letter from the Editor

Our mission at Qeepr has always been to encourage positive and constructive conversations around death and dying, while providing families a space to memorialize their loved ones. When we started the Qeepr Blog in 2013 with a few articles about bereavement, a tribute to Nelson Mandela, and ‘The Top 10 Strangest Deaths’, we had no idea

what is embalming?

What Exactly is Embalming?

We have all heard about embalming, but do you really know what the process entails? Embalming today has become a very common practice in the West. Even people who are cremated will often be embalmed if there is an open casket memorial beforehand. When we hear embalming mentioned, most of us are probably initially grossed out,

famous mysterious deaths in history

Famous Mysterious Deaths in History

 An immense rescue mission was sponsored by the U.S. government, but neither the crew nor craft was ever found!  We have all heard strange stories of famous people mysteriously disappearing, or dying under suspicious circumstances. These stories, so incomplete or bizarre, often capture the imaginations of people, who create their own narratives to find meaning

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