The Surprising Science of Happiness

Dan Gilbert is an author, neuroscientist and has given a total of 3 TED Talks in his career. Quite impressive for a person who stumbled into his career quite by accident. His book “Stumbling on Happiness,” challenges the idea that we’ll be miserable if we don’t get what we want. Gilbert argues that there is an innate function inside of us which allows us to feel happy, even when things do not go our way. This is the science of happiness.

Gilbert argues that we are constantly misjudging what will make us happy. Be it a new car, a new job or a fulfilling hobby, we often seek happiness in the wrong area. We are constantly seeking fulfillment but our brains are great at fooling us! Thus we make poor decisions regarding our own happiness. Gilbert pulls from the latest clinical research from the fields of psychology and neuroscience to support his thesis.

The Surprising Science of Happiness

Do not let your poor cognitive skills get you down, watch Dan Gilbert’s TED Talk to see how happiness is an integral and innate part of who we are:

“The lesson I want to leave you with from these data is that our longings and our worries are both to some degree overblown, because we have within us the capacity to manufacture the very commodity we are constantly chasing when we choose experience.”

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