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Dead Houses

Dead Houses: Burying the Dead in Frozen Ground

Have you ever wondered how it is possible to dig a 6ft grave when the ground is frozen solid? In the dead of winter, what do we do with our dead?

Advance Directives FAQ

Advance Directives FAQ – Everything You Need to Know

Advance Directives can be a confusing topic. Here are answers to some of the most common questions people have about Advance Directives.

Complete your Advance Directive

Complete your Advance Directive in 3 Steps

While the process may seem daunting at first, an advance directive can be completed in 3 easy steps. Find out how!

Anti-Claus Traditions

Anti-Claus Traditions and Christmas Witches, Oh My!

Anti-Claus traditions exist to remind us that there is still darkness out there in the cold winter night despite how comfortable and safe we may feel.

Christmas Death Traditions

Christmas Death Traditions

Not all Christmas traditions are made up of wholesome carolling and milk and cookies. Cultures from around the world all have their own unique ways to celebrate Christmas, and we have rounded up some of the more macabre festive celebrations for you to enjoy! From visiting family graves, to dead birds and trapping witches in

death positive gift guide

2019 Death Positive Holiday Gift Guide

What do you buy that special goth in your life who has everything? Is there someone who won’t stop talking about advance directives, that you suspect might be death positive? With the holidays fast approaching, here is our 2019 death positive holiday gift guide. You can check out more gift recommendations from TalkDeath here and

build your digital legacy

How to Build Your Digital Legacy: The 5 Most Important Questions

Part Two: Building your digital legacy is an opportunity to share parts of your life that may otherwise be forgotten. So where do we start?

digital legacy

Digital Legacies: Preparing for Your Digital Death

Part One: Digital Legacies: Preparing for Your Digital Death, is the first in a three part series that will be focused on Digital Legacies.