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Social Media Manager / Staff Writer Rachel Osolen is the Social Media Manager and Staff Writer at TalkDeath. She is a seasoned writer with publications in poetry, academia, and short stories. She has a BA in English from Dalhousie University and an MLIS from the University of Alberta where her research focused on Digital Archives and Online Memorials; specifically The Hart Island Project. Her current writing and research focuses on Death Positivity, History, Folklore, and Culture.

How to Offer Care and Support After Suicide Loss

We talk to individuals and professionals in our community about grieving the death of a loved one from suicide, and how we might better support the people in our lives experiencing this type of loss.

Rainbows in the Cemetery: LGBTQ+ Representation on Gravestones

Rainbows in the Cemetery: LGBTQ+ Representation on Gravestones

Gravestones and memorials are just one piece of a large and tangled web for LGBTQ+ rights and representation in death and dying. We as a death community should think more about how queer people are represented in burial and in death. We need cemeteries to create spaces for our communities to be allowed to reflect their identities through their grave markers.