Reena Lazar
Reena is the co-founder and CEO of Willow End-of-Life Education and Planning, co-author of 7 Tools for Making Sense of Life & Death, the workbook and self-study online program, and co-creator of the Willow EOL Educator™ Program. She is a graduate of the BEyond Yonder Virtual School of Community Deathcaring in Canada, taught by ten experts on grief, disposition, rituals, body care, advance planning, being with the dying, and funeral alternatives. She is passionate about public education that helps people explore the reality of their mortality so that they can live their remaining days with intention and purpose. Her background includes architecture and international affairs. She also created and led Peace it Together, which brought Palestinian, Israeli and Canadian youth together for dialogue, filmmaking and community engagement. Her work was published in the New York Times, Globe and Mail, and Readers Digest.