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The Future Cemetery: Rethinking Cemetery Spaces

With the rise of the digital age, and the changing landscape of our global environment, the ways that cemeteries are organized and envisioned have to meet the needs of today. As new and different methods of burial are becoming popularized, so too are new and innovative ways to create burial spaces. This endeavour is well represented by

what is hospice

Hospice Care: What You Need to Know

There are a number of things that may come to mind when you think of a hospice. As a space often associated with death, hospices are the kind of place that most people generally avoid entirely and therefore know very little about. However, there is a lot more to hospices and hospice care than may meet the

Bio Cremation: A Greener Death?

What is legal in only 13 States, 3 Canadian Provinces and was condemned by the New York Catholic Conference in 2011?

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Ashes to Ashes: Life in the Cremation Chamber

Cremation is on the rise, really on the rise. In 1999 cremation rates were only at 25% in America. With more people claiming no religious affiliation and cremation sanctioned by the Catholic Church, rates of cremation are currently sitting around 40% in the United States. This is a large increase in only 16 years and in the next

Why I Left the Funeral Profession

Have you ever wondered what would motivate someone to take a job in the funeral profession? Why would someone seek a life constantly coloured by death?

Top 10 New Funeral Trends

The way that we grieve is different from culture to culture and person to person. Losing a loved one is something that one cannot prepare for, and in many cases do not expect when it happens. Needless to say, it is a difficult experience, and preparing a funeral or memorial service can be overwhelming to

Would You Put a QR Code on a Tombstone?

Have you ever walked through a cemetery and come across a familiar name or a historical figure and thought to yourself “I wish I could know more about this person!” ? What if you could scan a code on their tombstone and it would instantly bring you to a  page that gave you their history,


Funeral Traditions Around The World (Infographic)

Cultures around the world have been practicing all types of crazy funeral rituals to memorialize their loved ones. Some funeral traditions are ancient and have been practiced for centuries, while some are brand new developments thanks to scientific advancements. From having your ashes shot out into space, to having your remains stored into a diamond,