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I Love My Job: The Gravedigger

I Love My Job: The Gravedigger

When you think about a job that makes you happy, what comes to mind? Or rather, if you think of the ideal job in a general sense, what occupation and setting come to mind? An open office? Opportunities to travel? Warm climate? Mentally and physically invigorating? Chances are most of us have a particular idea

What to Wear to a Funeral: Advice for Women

What to Wear to a Funeral: Advice for Women

In part 1 of our series we looked at what men should wear to a funeral. The advice was pretty simple: wear black or dark colours, get a fitted suit or a nice sweater and dress pants and look clean! The advice for the second part of our series, what to wear a funeral as a

Podcast About Death

Best Podcast Episodes About Death and Dying

We were tempted to begin this post by saying “this blog post is sponsored by Audible”…but we decided it would be in poor taste. We are huge podcast fans at TalkDeath. Anything from comedy to history to the outright weird. We have already covered some of our favorite movies and some of our favorite photo

What to Wear to a Funeral: Advice for Men

What to Wear to a Funeral: Advice for Men

In the moments leading up to a funeral, clothing is probably the last thing you are thinking about. If you are dealing with a loss, there are so many things to deal with including planning, costs, contacting friends and family, posting obituaries, etc. What you’re going to wear the day of the funeral is usually last

Our Best Posts of 2014

While we are usually a modest group of people, you’ll excuse us as we pat ourselves on the back a little. 2014 has come to a close and a lot happened to Qeepr in this short year. We were featured on the front cover of the Funeral Business Advisor Canada magazine, we were featured in the

best movies about death

Best Movies About Death

Cinema has the power to truly transform us and transport us to a new world. A good movie wraps us up like a blanket and brings us on a journey outside of ourselves. Cinema also act as a mirror to us and our society. It is the lens we hold up to our culture and is

Memory Artist Nancy Gershman

Questions for Memory Artist Nancy Gershman

This is the first Qeepr Q&A in what will be an ongoing project of interviewing fascinating and inspiring people within the world of funeral professionals, death and dying and memorialization. As a digital artist and personal historian, Gershman is a master at custom creating that one perfect memory in the form of digital photomontages she

Photo Documentaries On Death

The Best Photo Documentaries On Death

The scholar Phillipe Aries writes that before the 19th century, death was given a special place in our society. Mourners were set apart, given time to grieve and were supported by large networks. With the increasing privatization of religion in the Western world, death exited the public sphere and entered the private. In the 20th