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The Power Of Empathy

The Power Of Empathy

When we are confronted with the pain of others and how we choose to react defines the distinction between empathy and sympathy, argues Dr. Brene Brown. In asking what is the best way to ease someone’s pain and suffering, Dr. Brown notes that our best response is a real, genuine, empathetic response. In doing so however,

top 10 strangest deaths in history

The Top 10 Strangest Deaths

Death will one day visit us all. It is an inevitable fact of life. However sometimes death has an uncanny and interesting way of removing us from the gene pool. In our Top 10 List of the Strangest Deaths in History, you’ll see some classic examples of weird, wild and unfortunate ways that people met their end.

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Nagoro The Valley of Dolls

Nagoro The Valley of Dolls

Fritz Schumann on Vimeo. Nagoro the Valley of Dolls In this remote Japanese village, residents have found a novel way to memorialize the dead. Nagoro The Valley of Dolls is a documentary film by Fritz Schumann that takes place in Nagoro on one of the four main islands of Japan. Living in a town whose residents have passed

Would You Put a QR Code on a Tombstone?

Have you ever walked through a cemetery and come across a familiar name or a historical figure and thought to yourself “I wish I could know more about this person!” ? What if you could scan a code on their tombstone and it would instantly bring you to a  page that gave you their history,

HONY United Nations Tour

“My happiest moments are whenever I see my mother happy.” “What’s the happiest you’ve ever seen her?” “When I was a child, some German doctors told us that I could have a surgery in Italy, and my legs would work again. She was so happy she started crying. But I never had the money to

Yarauvi – The Jaw-dropping Necropolis of the Dead Sea

Yarauvi is like no other burial site you’ve ever seen. You’ve likely never heard of it before because it doesn’t actually exist… yet. Yarauvi is a mystical, floating necropolis of your dreams that could have the ultimate potential of becoming an international symbol of unity and peace.  Yarauvi was an architectural blueprint envisioned a few years ago


Welcome to Facebook: The World’s Largest Digital Graveyard

What more is to be said about Facebook? Everyone has their own opinion of the social media giant. While some refuse to ever sign up, others have praised it to be the single most life-changing invention of the 21st century. How can anyone deny this fact when almost ⅕ of the world’s population has a Facebook profile? But


Funeral Traditions Around The World (Infographic)

Cultures around the world have been practicing all types of crazy funeral rituals to memorialize their loved ones. Some funeral traditions are ancient and have been practiced for centuries, while some are brand new developments thanks to scientific advancements. From having your ashes shot out into space, to having your remains stored into a diamond,