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Online resources for people dealing with grief, bereavement & loss in their life. Funeral etiquette and other tips.


How to Express Your Condolences for a Loved One

This is a Guest Post by Suzie Kolber. It can be difficult to know what to say when someone passes away. Death is often an uncomfortable topic, making it hard to express your feelings of condolence and sympathy to the survivor. Here are some effective ways you can express your condolences based on what is appropriate

Your Top Senior Care Resources

As our population grows older and birth rates decline, the need for specialized and attentive care will continue to increase. With each passing year, the needs of our aging population becomes more important and more vital. This care extends to the home, nursing facilities, hospitals and rehabilitation centres. An aging population also means an increase in the

the 7 stages of grief

7 Stages of Grief: Everything You Need to Know

By learning about the 7 stages of grief, you can be there for your loved ones in their times of grief.

Grieving Children

Grieving Children: Resources to Help Them & You

The loss of someone we love can leave us speechless, distraught, physically and emotionally hurt. As adults, we have years of life experience under us and yet when someone around us passes away, all that experience ultimately seems moot. Death and loss have tremendous effects on us so one can only imagine, or try to imagine,

how much does cremation cost

How Much Does Cremation Cost in North America?

How Much Does Cremation Cost in North America? Death is the ultimate fact of life. It is something most of us avoid talking about. In many cultures, people are uncomfortable dealing with the realities of dying and most know the pain and grief that accompany the loss of a loved one all too well. In

Who Has the Right to Make Decisions About Your Funeral?

Who Has the Right to Make Decisions About Your Funeral? Body disposition, cemetery law, funerary arrangements and more, state by state. Let us have a look at the various statutes and laws existing within the United States of America, regarding the question of personal preference and designation of an agent for the purpose of body

dealing with loneliness

Dealing with Loneliness – How to Overcome Feelings of Loneliness

Loneliness can be a painful feeling. Low self-esteem, depression, negative thinking and low self-worth can all reinforce or lead to feelings of loneliness. Loneliness is a complex mental and emotional phenomenon that is a result of many different brain functions. Like any emotion, loneliness will ebb, flow and eventually disappear but like any emotion practical

Symptoms of Grief: Physical and Emotional

Symptoms of Grief: Physical and Emotional

Grief is one form of dealing with loss. It manifests itself as emotional pain which can then lead to physical pain. Typically grief is associated with the death of a loved one: be it a significant other, family member, pet or even a colleague. Since this form of loss can be damaging both emotionally and