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Online resources for people dealing with grief, bereavement & loss in their life. Funeral etiquette and other tips.

Complete your Advance Directive

Complete your Advance Directive in 3 Steps

While the process may seem daunting at first, an advance directive can be completed in 3 easy steps. Find out how!

What are Advance Directives?

What are Advance Directives?

Whether you’re planning for your own end of life care or preparing to make decisions on behalf of someone else, no document is more important than the Advance Directive.

death positive gift guide

2019 Death Positive Holiday Gift Guide

What do you buy that special goth in your life who has everything? Is there someone who won’t stop talking about advance directives, that you suspect might be death positive? With the holidays fast approaching, here is our 2019 death positive holiday gift guide. You can check out more gift recommendations from TalkDeath here and

build your digital legacy

How to Build Your Digital Legacy: The 5 Most Important Questions

Part Two: Building your digital legacy is an opportunity to share parts of your life that may otherwise be forgotten. So where do we start?

digital legacy

Digital Legacies: Preparing for Your Digital Death

Part One: Digital Legacies: Preparing for Your Digital Death, is the first in a three part series that will be focused on Digital Legacies.

books death and dying

Even More Books About Death and Dying

We asked, you answered and we listened. We received so many book recommendations after our last article, More Books About Death and Dying that we decided to publish a third list. Even More Books About Death and Dying features philosophical musings, touching obituaries, explorations of what it means to have a good death, experiences of dying,

More Books About Death and Dying

More Books About Death and Dying

From the effects of the American Civil War, philosophical words of wisdom, historical accounts of death, African American experiences of dying, and personal accounts of loss, we’ve compiled a list of books on death and dying that touch on many facets of the human condition. Let us know your favorite books about death and dying

death positive websites and blogs

Death Positive Websites and Blogs You Should Know

When we first published this list in 2015, death and death positivity were ‘having a moment‘. Today, fuelled by books, movies, digital media and activists, death consciousness is everywhere. The public is becoming more aware of their post-mortem options, as well as the history and politics of death. The death positive websites and blogs you