Watch: Collective Loss and Mobilization in a Pandemic

An intimate discussion on loss, memorialization, protest and mobilization during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a recording from a Reimagine virtual event that took place on July 14th, 2020 The recent killings of George Floyd and other people of color by police officers has sparked international outrage, protests and mourning. In-person protests and marches have

Rainbows in the Cemetery: LGBTQ+ Representation on Gravestones

Rainbows in the Cemetery: LGBTQ+ Representation on Gravestones

Gravestones and memorials are just one piece of a large and tangled web for LGBTQ+ rights and representation in death and dying. We as a death community should think more about how queer people are represented in burial and in death. We need cemeteries to create spaces for our communities to be allowed to reflect their identities through their grave markers.

Michif Storytelling: Connecting Us To the Dead

Michif Storytelling: Connecting Us To the Dead

Thinking about Michif concepts of death and Storytelling brings me back to the kitchen. Like many cultures, the kitchen is the main site for cultural exchange and inter-generational learning. We just call it visiting.

This is What Happens to Unclaimed Bodies in Canada

We spoke to death professionals, and dove into Canadian laws and policies, to learn more about how unclaimed bodies are processed, and why the numbers of Canadian unclaimed are on the rise.

This is What Happens to Unclaimed Bodies in America

This is What Happens to Unclaimed Bodies in America

With the influx of deaths caused by the novel coronavirus, important questions about how we store the dead in times of crisis have been pushed into the spotlight. How should we handle abandoned, indigent, and unclaimed bodies, many of which languish in morgues for weeks or months?

Watch: Demystifying Medical Aid in Dying Video Series

Demystifying Medical Aid in Dying: Family Voices – Part One In this session, D.S. Moss of the Adventures of Memento Mori podcast is joined by special guests Dan Diaz and Myra S. for personal perspectives on the use of medical aid in dying.   Dan and his late wife, Brittany Maynard, had to move from California

Keeper and Grief Coach Partner Across Borders To Support People After a Death

A new cross-border collaboration between text message-based grief support service, and online memorial provider aims to help people share memories and provide support after a death, digitally.

How Can we be ‘Death Positive’ During COVID-19? A ‘Difficult Conversations’ Podcast Episode

How can we be ‘death positive’ during COVID-19? Podcast with TalkDeath & A Positive Death UK Hosted by PhD researcher and sociology teacher Poppy Gerrard-Abbott, Difficult Conversations is a new podcast about society, culture and the novel coronavirus. Since the podcast began, the series has covered “sex work, feminist approaches to COVID-19, single mums, the

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