New API for Funeral Professionals Launched by Qeepr

New API for Funeral Professionals Launched by Social Memorialization Platform,

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Montreal, QC, Oct. 7, 2014  — Canadian startup, Qeepr (, has launched a new web API, allowing Funeral Homes and Cemeteries to connect their websites with their Social Memorialization Platform. The Qeepr API was designed to help funeral professionals connect with the families they serve while increasing their reach. In light of today’s cost sensitive funeral, value has taken a front seat. The Qeepr API will not only allow funeral professionals to provide a greater value to their customer at no extra cost, but will solidify customer loyalty, and connect them with future clients. By integrating their website with Qeepr through the API, funeral home and cemetery tribute and obituary pages will achieve a greater reach, and in turn, increase their website’s traffic, while providing greater memorialization tools to their clients.

Founder of Qeepr, Mandy Benoualid remarks that “current obituaries and tribute pages hosted on funeral home websites do not last more than a few days. In the case that they remained archived online, family and friends do not tend to revisit them once the service is over. Qeepr Social Memorials remain active, years following a passing. Family and friends are using our platform to share memories, reach out to loved ones, and connect with users in their community, years following a passing.”

Once installed, the Qeepr API is seamless. Every time an obituary is published to a funeral home website, it automatically generates a Qeepr Social Memorial, providing clients with instant access to the Qeepr platform, while remaining forever linked to the business’ website. The Qeepr Social Memorial will contain the same basic information as on the funeral home website, but will provide families the tools and technology to create a collective and comprehensive memorial with extensive social capabilities. Condolences published on the tribute page of the company’s website will also be automatically posted to Qeepr. If the funeral home or cemetery website does not have condolence capabilities, a frame can easily be installed, publishing the condolences to their website as well.

Qeepr ensures that integration is simple for any website company or developer to install. No technical experience is required from the funeral professional. Through the integration of this API, funeral homes will automatically have their images displayed on each Qeepr Social Memorial, which results in effective lead generation while driving customer loyalty.

About Qeepr:

Qeepr is a social utility dedicated to memorializing the lives of the departed with the aid of modern technology. The first of its kind, Qeepr Social Memorials provide families with the tools and technology to preserve the memories a loved one online. Friends and family can leave condolences, upload photos, like, share, comment, connect, and remember those who are dearly missed. Utilizing QR technology, Qeepr Codes can be placed on a gravestone, urn or other monument, and when scanned with any smartphone, allows visitors to discover your loved one’s story. Qeepr’s latest mobile application allows your to Geotag and receive directions to any monument in a cemetery.

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