RIP Peaches Geldof: Dead at 25

Socialite, writer, model, television presenter, wife and mother, Peaches Geldof lived a storied life for a 25 year old. The daughter of famed musician Bob Geldof, Peaches “Honeyblossom” Geldof lived life her own way, even if it meant attracting the attention of the British Tabloid press. Married to Thomas Cohen, the pair have two children, Phaedra Bloom Forever and Astala Dylan Willow.

Born in London, UK to parents Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, Peaches grew up in Chelsea where she graduated from the British equivalent of high school. She deferred from her opportunity to go to University so that she could move to New York City with her former husband. Peaches early life saw her surrounded by the rich and the famous and this did not necessarily bode well for her and her siblings. After her parent’s divorce, her mother Paula met the INXS singer Michael Hutchence who in 1997 overdosed on heroin.

Peaches mother, who herself died in 2000 of a drug overdose had this to say of her daughter:

“Peaches wants more than anything to dress like the Queen Mother, circa 1935. When she was two she wore a bridesmaid’s dress and full veil with diamante-studded plimsolls for almost a year. She’d sneak off to put on make-up and then come downstairs ready for school but with her lipstick slightly squiffy and blue eyeshadow trowelled on.But at least we knew what it was like to live with real, natural glamour! Peaches is the only six-year-old I’ve ever met who goes to bed in a bright-purple bri-nylon peignoir with matching negligee, which someone gave her for Christmas.”

Peaches+GeldofFrom a young age Peaches was destined to be a writer. From 14 to 17 years old, she wrote a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph, she wrote and starred in two documentaries about her life and wrote for Elle Girl. in 2007 Peaches began modelling and continued to do so up until her death. Peaches flirted with controversy for several reasons including drug use, partying and religion. She had a modelling contract cancelled due to alleged drug abuse and admitted to ITV that she was infact a Scientologist. In 2013 Peaches Geldof confirmed that she had indeed converted to Judaism, the religion on her husband Thomas.

In 2012, Peaches married musician Thomas Cohen after a one year marriage to Max Drummey in 2008. Cohen and Peaches had two children together. Although Peaches Geldof was not immune from controversy and the expected lifestyle of someone in position and of her age, she worked hard to overcome life’s difficulties. A writer, model, presenter and above all mother, Peaches Geldof lived a storied life and will be missed by all those who knew her and her work. She is survived by her husband, her three sisters, her father and her two children.

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