Have you ever walked through a cemetery and come across a familiar name or a historical figure and thought to yourself “I wish I could know more about this person!” ? What if you could scan a code on their tombstone and it would instantly bring you to a  page that gave you their history, family tree, photographs and more? With the aid of modern technology, this is now entirely possible!

QR Code On My Tombstone?

QR Codes can now be placed on tombstones, urns, columbariums and any other object used for memorialization. It can turn a static monument into a living memorial and allow it to tell a story. Imagine giving someone the opportunity to quickly and easily access the archived life of your loved ones? QR Code technology can also help modernize older cemeteries and historical sites while encouraging more people to visit and to know their history!

 “Technology is just a new form of bereavement and a logical step forwards in the way we mourn the dead.” 

The QR Code was invented by the Japanese auto industry as a way to read vast amounts of data quickly. Qr Codes are now on food labels, advertising and yes, even in cemeteries! QR Codes carry unique bits of information that when scanned with a smartphone or tablet, can do a number of amazing things. They can bring you to a website, launch an app and even link to your credit card to allow you to make payments. Importantly, they can now be used as a tool to memorialize the dead.

Why memorialize?

It is important that we create memories and ceremonies that keep people alive. We commemorate the dead through funerals, cemeteries, shrines and now, memorial websites. Memorials have typically been physical monuments, plaques and tombstones. Monuments become places where we can visit and are encouraged to connect with our loved ones. Memorialization websites achieve the same thing, if not to a greater extent, as their physical counterparts because profiles are available on demand and are accessible by anyone. Technology is just a new form of bereavement and a logical step forwards in the way we mourn the dead.

 “QR codes are helping to bring new life to old traditions .”

As far as we have come with the growth of computers, medicine and the internet, there is still a push against connecting new and old. For instance, there are many privacy issues related to QR Codes and cemeteries. How do you control access over information and what do you show to the public? Privacy is very important in the information age and it is important to control the information that is linked to a QR Code. Another problem that arises is where the QR Code links to. Would you want your QR Code linking to a Facebook profile that has not changed in 10 years? A platform needs to exist that allows people to update and keep “alive” the information the QR Code links to.

qrcode.21359376When you wanted to memorialize, collect or share someone’s life, you used to have to rely on memory, cemetery visits and photo-books alone. Memories fade with time, people with intimate knowledge of a person pass away themselves and photographs get lost and degrade. It also isn’t possible for everyone to travel to cemeteries or columbariums to visit and celebrate the life of the dead. Technology also presents many problems for people who want to memorialize the dead. Facebook profiles become inaccessible and remain stagnant while social media portrays an incomplete story of someone’s life that doesn’t take into account the stories and voices of those who knew and loved them. What happens to the conversations, photographs and videos posted on social media after someone passes away? They disappear.

By linking a tombstone to an online memorial you can quickly and easily ensure that memories and a life story will pass on to future generations. The bereavement industry is steeped in old world traditions, but today our whole lives are online. Archiving photographs, a biography and genealogy is as simple as a few clicks of a mouse. QR Codes and memorialization websites solve the problem of visitation. Whether your loved one’s plot is near you or on the other side of the world, you can connect with their memory instantly. One of our goals at Qeepr is to help you, quickly and beautifully share a life story privately or publicly! Our QR Codes, when scanned with a smartphone or tablet, will instantly direct users to your loved one’s Qeepr profile. QR codes can help to bring new life to old traditions and help you share a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Find out more at Qeepr.com: http://www.qeepr.com/features/

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