Celebrity Burial Sites

14 Celebrity Burial Sites You Should Visit

We love to follow the lives of celebrities as they spend their years, constantly under the spotlight. We will take any opportunity to scrutinize, praise and mock them for every decision they make, including the celebrity burial sites which they receive once they have passed away. As such, it’s no surprise that people spend lots

Yarauvi – The Jaw-dropping Necropolis of the Dead Sea

Yarauvi is like no other burial site you’ve ever seen. You’ve likely never heard of it before because it doesn’t actually exist… yet. Yarauvi is a mystical, floating necropolis of your dreams that could have the ultimate potential of becoming an international symbol of unity and peace.  Yarauvi was an architectural blueprint envisioned a few years ago


Welcome to Facebook: The World’s Largest Digital Graveyard

What more is to be said about Facebook? Everyone has their own opinion of the social media giant. While some refuse to ever sign up, others have praised it to be the single most life-changing invention of the 21st century. How can anyone deny this fact when almost ⅕ of the world’s population has a Facebook profile? But


Funeral Traditions Around The World (Infographic)

Cultures around the world have been practicing all types of crazy funeral rituals to memorialize their loved ones. Some funeral traditions are ancient and have been practiced for centuries, while some are brand new developments thanks to scientific advancements. From having your ashes shot out into space, to having your remains stored into a diamond,

Caring for an Aging Loved One

This is a guest post by Dr. David Tal It can be difficult to watch a parent or loved one as they age or deal with issues like Alzheimer’s disease. Certain levels of care must be provided, which can take an emotional toll on caregivers. There is nothing more difficult than losing someone you love. However,

Benefits of Home Care

The Benefits of Home Care

*This is a guest blog by Scott Fagan. The views expressed in this guest blog do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the TalkDeath team. The Benefits of Home Care Caregivers: Specialized professionals who have to undergo training to play the required role of assisting your with your personal and daily tasks. You look back at life

Burial Now Illegal

Burial Now Illegal in Chinese Province

It is easy to assume that once we pass away, a plot in a local cemetery will be reserved for us. However, for the inhabitants of a particular Chinese province, this is already not the case. Burial Now Illegal in Chinese Province On June 1st, all in-ground burials in the Anhui province of eastern China were

Buried Beneath Our Parks

The Place du Canada square is located right in the centre of downtown Montréal and is an oasis of flora and history surrounded by skyscrapers and concrete. Most Montréalers are not aware that the bodies over 38,000 human beings were buried under the plaza in the 19th century, when Place du Canada was formerly a

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