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2020 Death Positive Gift Guide

It is that time of year again… the holiday season is upon us once more! As we settle into our favourite traditions, and write our Victorian death-themed Christmas cards, our thoughts may turn to what gifts to get our loved ones.

Unravelling Alzheimer’s: What my Viral Photo Taught me About Grief

Crocheting was one of my mom’s favorite activities, and as her Alzheimer’s progressed, it became a way to keep her mind active. While, for me, these Granny squares represent the early years of her early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis and how she slowly began to unravel with the messy stitching, they also provided a universal visual that

Things That Eat Dead Things

Things That Eat Dead Things

Death – It’s what’s for dinner for the creatures and critters on our list of things that eat dead things! Turns out dead things fuel a big part of our world’s ecosystems. We pulled together some common creatures that primarily eat the dead, and all play their part in the (often grotesque) circle of life.

veterans legacy memorial keeper

Telling Their Stories – Memorializing Millions of Veterans Online

In times of war and in times of peace, veterans and their families sacrifice their lives to serve and protect the freedom of our nation’s citizens. We honor veteran service members on Veteran’s Day and those who died during their time in service on Memorial Day; we erect monuments to pay tribute to them; we conduct military honors at funeral services to say our last goodbyes with dignity and pride.

Careers in Death Care: A Day in the Life of an EMBALMER

Careers in Death Care: A Day in the Life of an EMBALMER

We caught up with mortician Miranda Benge Hummeldorf to tell us what a day in the life of an Embalmer is really like! Part of the latest instalment of our ongoing series, Careers in Death Care; A Day in the Life.

spooky Halloween history

Spooky Halloween History

It is the spookiest time of the year! Let’s dig a bit deeper into the history of our modern Halloween traditions, and get down to the bones of our favorite time of year.

Halloween Cemetery Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Cemetery Scavenger Hunt 2020

On Saturday October 31st, we invite you to visit your favorite local cemetery for our first ever Halloween Cemetery Scavenger Hunt! We have some incredible prizes by local artisans and TalkDeath swag that we will ship to the top 3 winners! Check back for more details!

Spooktacular Halloween Gift Guide 2020

Spooktacular Halloween Gift Guide 2020

Want to make your loved one’s nightmares come true with a haunting new gift? The TalkDeath Spooktacular Halloween Gift Guide is here to help you find the perfect cursed object for the one you love.