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spooky Halloween history

Spooky Halloween History

It is the spookiest time of the year! Let’s dig a bit deeper into the history of our modern Halloween traditions, and get down to the bones of our favorite time of year.

The Sacred History and Art of Caring for Black Deceased Bodies

Keepers of Culture: The Sacred History and Art of Caring for Black Deceased Bodies

When we were brought to America as slaves, our sacred rituals and practices were stripped from us, particularly those pertaining to the care of our dead. Today, funeral and death care professionals can become empowered to renew balance while paying homage to the originators of our sacred practices.

Japanese Art of Kusôzu

Contemplation of a Decaying Corpse: The Japanese Art of Kusôzu

Kusōkan means ‘contemplation of the nine stages of a decomposing corpse’ and is the reflection on the repulsiveness of the body. But remember, this was no mere gore porn, the artistic intention was spiritual enlightenment.

Funeral Traditions from Ireland: How the Irish Embrace Death

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Today is the anniversary of the death of Saint Patrick. We celebrate his Feast Day, which loosely translates to people drinking (too much) green beer and wearing green clothing, pretending to be stereotypically Irish. We have briefly written about Irish death rituals in the past. But today we wanted to dig

Dead Houses

Dead Houses: Burying the Dead in Frozen Ground

Have you ever wondered how it is possible to dig a 6ft grave when the ground is frozen solid? In the dead of winter, what do we do with our dead?

Anti-Claus Traditions

Anti-Claus Traditions and Christmas Witches, Oh My!

Anti-Claus traditions exist to remind us that there is still darkness out there in the cold winter night despite how comfortable and safe we may feel.

Christmas Death Traditions

Christmas Death Traditions

Not all Christmas traditions are made up of wholesome carolling and milk and cookies. Cultures from around the world all have their own unique ways to celebrate Christmas, and we have rounded up some of the more macabre festive celebrations for you to enjoy! From visiting family graves, to dead birds and trapping witches in

crime scene photography

Crime Scene Photography: A Complicated History

Since the creation of the modern police force, a number of technologies have been used to solve crimes. Police have utilized everything from DNA, fingerprint analysis and UV light, to psychics and telepathy. However, as our history of crime scene photography shows, no forensics technology has stood the test of time as well as the