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Things That Eat Dead Things

Things That Eat Dead Things

Death – It’s what’s for dinner for the creatures and critters on our list of things that eat dead things! Turns out dead things fuel a big part of our world’s ecosystems. We pulled together some common creatures that primarily eat the dead, and all play their part in the (often grotesque) circle of life.

Grave Gardening

Pushing Up Daisies: Why Grave Gardening Should be the Latest Gardening Trend

Graveyards and cemeteries are spaces for burial and mourning, but they can also be spaces for life, community, and healing. This is where grave gardening comes into play, which is the art of creating a garden at the location of your loved ones grave. There have been many studies that show gardening has many mental

Ecological Grief: Mourning the Loss of Our Planet

Ecological Grief: Mourning the Loss of Our Planet

Ecological grief is defined as the grief felt in response to climate-related losses of valued species, ecosystems, and meaningful landscapes due to climate change.

Michif Storytelling: Connecting Us To the Dead

Michif Storytelling: Connecting Us To the Dead

Thinking about Michif concepts of death and Storytelling brings me back to the kitchen. Like many cultures, the kitchen is the main site for cultural exchange and inter-generational learning. We just call it visiting.

Green Burial Updates

Green Burial Updates 2020

Just like your grandmother’s perennials in early spring, the term Green Burial is popping up a lot more lately. Here are some important Green Burial updates for 2020.

green burial in canada

Where is Green Burial Available in Canada? UPDATED 2020

What is Green Burial? Green or natural burial is the process of human disposition with the least environmental consequences, while encouraging greater land stewardship. Bodies are not prepared using chemical embalming fluids, are placed in simple shrouds or biodegradable caskets, and concrete vaults are not used, nor are traditional markers (headstones & footstones). In Canada,

Green Burial Myths

Green Burial Myths Debunked

We present to you part three of our Green Burial Series, where Ellen Newman of the Green Burial Society debunks common myths and misconceptions about green burial.

Burial at Sea

Burial at Sea: Everything You Need to Know

Many people recently became aware of burial at sea during the infamous disposal of Osama Bin Laden’s body. According to the U.S. Military, Bin Laden was placed in a metal coffin and thrown into the Arabian Sea. Of the many ways societies that lay the dead to rest, burying them at sea is one tradition