Isabella Lauermann
My name is Isabella Lauermann, I'm from Brazil and I graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with a degree in Law, and I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Bioethics and Applied Ethics at the same institution. I also have a certification in thanatopraxy and necromakeup. Oh, I'm also a DJ at goth parties, and in my free time I enjoy working on taxidermy projects with animals that have passed away from natural causes. Since childhood, I have always been passionate about the subject of death, particularly fascinated by the way the Egyptians treated their dead. As a result, I decided to pursue an academic and professional path in this field. My research deals with necrocitizenship and the ethics of alterity, exploring how this can provide new ethical and legal frameworks for thinking about our relationship with the dead. Additionally, I advocate for causes related to advance directives and ensuring that they are upheld, as this is still a very fertile topic in Brazil.