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Online resources for people dealing with grief, bereavement & loss in their life. Funeral etiquette and other tips.

How to Offer Care and Support After Suicide Loss

We talk to individuals and professionals in our community about grieving the death of a loved one from suicide, and how we might better support the people in our lives experiencing this type of loss.

Watch: Demystifying Medical Aid in Dying Video Series

Demystifying Medical Aid in Dying: Family Voices – Part One In this session, D.S. Moss of the Adventures of Memento Mori podcast is joined by special guests Dan Diaz and Myra S. for personal perspectives on the use of medical aid in dying.   Dan and his late wife, Brittany Maynard, had to move from California

How Can we be ‘Death Positive’ During COVID-19? A ‘Difficult Conversations’ Podcast Episode

How can we be ‘death positive’ during COVID-19? Podcast with TalkDeath & A Positive Death UK Hosted by PhD researcher and sociology teacher Poppy Gerrard-Abbott, Difficult Conversations is a new podcast about society, culture and the novel coronavirus. Since the podcast began, the series has covered “sex work, feminist approaches to COVID-19, single mums, the

Death Positive Video Games

Death Positive Video Games

There are a growing number of death positive video games that use death as the driving force. Level up, stop camping, and read our list.

how to hold a virtual memorial service

How to Hold a Virtual Memorial Service, a Step-by-Step Guide

This article about how to hold a virtual memorial service is written by our Editor, Mandy. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, families in most parts of the world are unable to hold memorial services or even attend a graveside service for a loved one that has died. I am unfortunately one of those families. My

10 Death Positive TV Series to Stream Now

These shows, and others like them, showcase the wildly divergent ways we avoid, wrestle, and eventually confront our fear and pain in death and dying—just like real people.

Green Burial Updates

Green Burial Updates 2020

Just like your grandmother’s perennials in early spring, the term Green Burial is popping up a lot more lately. Here are some important Green Burial updates for 2020.

Advance Directives FAQ

Advance Directives FAQ – Everything You Need to Know

Advance Directives can be a confusing topic. Here are answers to some of the most common questions people have about Advance Directives.