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history of halloween

Interesting Facts and History of Halloween

Halloween occupies a strange place in the realm of holidays. While some people spend weeks planning and creating their elaborate costumes, others barely acknowledge it at all. Perhaps it is because, unlike most holidays on the calendar, Halloween is all about paying tribute to the spooky, scary, and downright deadly. Where did this holiday come from

The Darwin Awards: Everything You Need to Know

What Are The Darwin Awards? The Darwin Awards are a self-proclaimed “tongue-in-cheek honor,” which began in the mid 1980’s in Usenet newsgroup discussions online. Paying homage to the father of evolution, Charles Darwin, these “awards” recognize individuals who have contributed to human evolution by removing themselves from the human gene pool, either via death or

Donating My Body to Science in Canada

Donating My Body to Science in Canada

Have you ever wondered why people donate their bodies to science? Or considered donating your body yourself? In Canada, more and more people are choosing to make the necessary arrangements so that when they die, their bodies will be used to forward scientific progress. Not only are there a number of ways that you can

The 27 Club

The 27 Club: The Myth & Its Members

Rock ‘n’ roll artists are notorious for living fast and dying young. And let’s be honest, they almost make it look cool. But this stereotype of the forever-revered and eternally-preserved memory of the iconic rockstar has its roots, in part, in a short series of musician deaths in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This group of

death in art

The Most Popular Depictions of Death in Art

Just as all of life’s excitement and joy is found in art, so too can we find all of life’s potential darkness. Fear, loss, war, and perhaps most powerful of all, death. Death has, without a doubt, been one of the most commonly represented subject of art. It comes as no surprise that something so

Dead Man Walking: Canadians Face Death with The Tragically Hip

It has been said that in Western culture, death is the last remaining taboo. In a society that openly discusses sex, politics, and religion— topics that were once avoided at the dinner table at all costs— death and dying have somehow managed to remain untouchable, cringeworthy, and often completely ignored topics. Those who are comfortable talking

Dying to be Heard: Mental Illness and Rising Prison Deaths

For more than 40 years, prisoners on August 10th have paid tribute to all those who have died while in custody. On this day in 1974, Eddie Nalon committed suicide in an administrative segregation cell at Millhaven Institution, in Ontario, Canada. This event sparked the inception of Prisoners’ Justice Day: an annual vigil and call for

physician assiste death

The Right to Die: End of Life is a Fundamental Right

*This is part 2 in our 3 part series. For part 1 CLICK HERE* This may be the year where a pivotal change occurs in the debate on physician assisted death and euthanasia. Currently legal in 5 states, legislation is being brought up in other states and the topic is on the minds of millions.