Finding the Right Words to Express Sympathy

The loss of a loved one is an extremely difficult reality we must all face at one point in our lives. In those moments, there are very few things that could ease the pain. However, the right words, sent to people who are grieving, can be a great way to let them know you are

Memory Artist Nancy Gershman

Questions for Memory Artist Nancy Gershman

This is the first Qeepr Q&A in what will be an ongoing project of interviewing fascinating and inspiring people within the world of funeral professionals, death and dying and memorialization. As a digital artist and personal historian, Gershman is a master at custom creating that one perfect memory in the form of digital photomontages she

Photo Documentaries On Death

The Best Photo Documentaries On Death

The scholar Phillipe Aries writes that before the 19th century, death was given a special place in our society. Mourners were set apart, given time to grieve and were supported by large networks. With the increasing privatization of religion in the Western world, death exited the public sphere and entered the private. In the 20th

Unusual and Unlikely Ways to Die

7 Unusual and Unlikely Ways to Die

While many of these are “preventable” as far as exercise, healthy eating habits and better mental health management go, many of us will not experience the luxury of dying of old age or “choosing” the way we’ll die. While we all know of the perils and dangers of cancer, heart disease and stroke, there are

NBC WPSD – What The Tech Qeepr Feature

We recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by NBC News and featured on WPSD‘s ‘What the Tech’ segment! When we were in Nashville for the 2014 National Funeral Directors Association Conference, we were approached by the ‘What the Tech’ guys as they were looking for the latest in tech innovation in the funeral industry.

Remembrance Day: Why We Remember

Remembrance Day: Why We Remember

It has been over a 100 years since the beginning of the First World War. The Great War was supposed to be the war to end all wars. It’s brutality, new technologies and enormous loss of life have left scars that are still felt today. Empires fell, Nations were formed and the collective consciousness of the entire world

Storycorps: Grief in the Digital Age

Here at TalkDeath, we take the mission of Storycorps to heart. We both believe that everyone’s story matters, we both want to collect and archive the things that people find important and we both believe that digital technology is the best way to keep memories alive for future generations. Storycorps is a non-profit oral history project

New API for Funeral Professionals Launched by Qeepr

New API for Funeral Professionals Launched by Social Memorialization Platform, Montreal, QC, Oct. 7, 2014  — Canadian startup, Qeepr (, has launched a new web API, allowing Funeral Homes and Cemeteries to connect their websites with their Social Memorialization Platform. The Qeepr API was designed to help funeral professionals connect with the families they

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