Canadian Funeral News – Qeepr Interview

Qeepr founder Mandy Benoualid was recently interviewed by Canadian Funeral News Magazine. Lisa Johnston, the author of the article, interviewed Mandy Benoualid to get to the core of the memorialization industry andthe unique qualities the Qeepr platform offers. Johnston highlights the ability to create a free online memorial, our QR Code technology and cemetery geotagging. To

Joan Rivers – 1933 – 2014

We are saddened to report that Joan Rivers has passed away on September 4th, 2014 from complications following surgery. She was 81 years old. Joan Rivers was a brash comedian, a writer, actress and talk show host. Rivers had a career full of ups and downs and yet she fought to remain relevant until the

top 10 strangest deaths in history

The Top 10 Strangest Deaths

Death will one day visit us all. It is an inevitable fact of life. However sometimes death has an uncanny and interesting way of removing us from the gene pool. In our Top 10 List of the Strangest Deaths in History, you’ll see some classic examples of weird, wild and unfortunate ways that people met their end.

Losing a Pet

Someone close to the TalkDeath team recently lost their best friend, Frank. Frank was a scrappy little Persian cat and watching our friend go through the same grieving process we ourselves have gone through with people close to us, made us want to examine the subject of pet loss a little closer. Ask any pet

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Nagoro The Valley of Dolls

Nagoro The Valley of Dolls

Fritz Schumann on Vimeo. Nagoro the Valley of Dolls In this remote Japanese village, residents have found a novel way to memorialize the dead. Nagoro The Valley of Dolls is a documentary film by Fritz Schumann that takes place in Nagoro on one of the four main islands of Japan. Living in a town whose residents have passed

Would You Put a QR Code on a Tombstone?

Have you ever walked through a cemetery and come across a familiar name or a historical figure and thought to yourself “I wish I could know more about this person!” ? What if you could scan a code on their tombstone and it would instantly bring you to a  page that gave you their history,

Robin Williams 1951 – 2014

Why don’t blind people skydive? It scares their dogs. On August 11th, 2014, we lost someone truly special. Robin Williams passed away after battling with severe depression. The Marin County sheriff’s office said in a statement that it “suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia.” However at this time, not much is

HONY United Nations Tour

“My happiest moments are whenever I see my mother happy.” “What’s the happiest you’ve ever seen her?” “When I was a child, some German doctors told us that I could have a surgery in Italy, and my legs would work again. She was so happy she started crying. But I never had the money to

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