What is Green Burial?

Green or natural burial is the process of human disposition with the least environmental consequences, while encouraging greater land stewardship. Bodies are not prepared using chemical embalming fluids, are placed in simple shrouds or biodegradable caskets, and concrete vaults are not used, nor are traditional markers (headstones & footstones). In Canada, green burial cemeteries come in three forms: full or conservation, hybrid and green-friendly (our term).

Full or Conservation Green Cemeteries are cemeteries that only practice green burial, or despite the debate surrounding the environmental impact of cremation, the interment of eco-friendly urns.

Hybrid Cemeteries are 'traditional' cemeteries that offer green burial in designated spaces. These spaces are set apart from the rest of the cemetery, and follow the guidelines for green or natural burial.

Green-Friendly Cemeteries are cemeteries that do not offer a dedicated green burial section, but are making efforts to offer environmentally friendly options. This could include the lack of cement vault or embalming fluids, and the choice of simple pine casket, or burial shroud. We will be updating our list as we find more green-friendly cemeteries in Canada.

Green burial often has an additional ecological aspect where the grounds/graves are planted with only native, beneficial species that are not chemically or mechanically managed, and where optimum land and water use guidelines are in place. There are at least two green burial organizations in Canada: the Green Burial Society of Canada, and the Natural Burial Association. The Green Burial Council, operates in both Canada and the United States, and offers environmental certificates for funeral homes, cemeteries and product manufacturers.

According to the Green Burial Society of Canada, the following five (5) criteria MUST be present for a burial to qualify as a green burial:

The BODY: Remains for green burial must be in a ‘natural’ state so as to permit for natural, unimpeded decomposition. (Arterial embalming, in any form, of a body is not permitted.)

The CONTAINER: Remains for burial must be enclosed in a fully biodegradable shroud, container or casket. (Ideally, ‘Containers’ will be made from locally sourced, sustainable fabrics and materials.)

The BURIAL: Remains will be buried directly into the earth. (Use of an outer burial container -e.g., rough-box, grave liner or vault of any type is not permitted.)

The MEMORIAL: If permitted, PREFERABLY in the form of a communal memorial. (if individual memorials are permitted, they must be minimally intrusive to the landscape and made from locally sourced materials.)

The CEMETERY: Has active and ongoing community outreach, to provide and advocate for Green Burial service practices in the community. Advocacy for green burial shall be made in good faith and without reservation or the creation of barriers, such as restrictive by laws or pricing that is intended to discourage families from choosing a green burial option.

FURTHER, a cemetery with this designation will strive to use electric or fuel-efficient cemetery vehicles and/or use bio-fuels in standard cemetery equipment providing services; have a program for cemetery wide, on-site recycling and/or composting of landscape & organic debris, and general waste; and continuously engage in cemetery wide, ongoing ‘greening’ initiatives.

Embalming laws in Canada

"Is embalming required by law in Canada?" No. None of the provinces and territories require embalming. Some provinces do have rules pertaining to the length of time a body can be unembalmed for a viewing, before embalming would be necessary, but that is it (we're looking at you Quebec). Nothing would prevent someone from having a funeral at home with an unembalmed body.

Where Can I Have a Green Burial in Canada?

Whereas green burial is being quickly adopted throughout the United States, Canada currently lags behind. Only 2 Canadian provinces have full green burial sites, and most provinces and territories have none whatsoever. We called the following municipalities and cemeteries to confirm their green offerings.

"I want a green burial but there are no sites in my province, what can I do?"

If your province is lacking a green burial site, we've included the contact information for municipal or provincial cemetery management offices. Since green burial is legal in all provinces and territories, it takes consumer demand to see any change. A call to a government cemetery management office, or your local cemetery, can make all the difference. Encourage your friends and family to do the same, or propose a green burial site during local municipality meetings.

Many funeral homes in Canada can help facilitate green burial services, including My Alternatives in the West coast, and Eco Cremation & Burial Services in Ontario. Some funeral homes in Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan also offer Bio-Cremation. Lastly, many cemeteries in these provinces will allow you to have a green-friendly burial. Unlike our Southern neighbours, many cemeteries in Canada do not require a vault or grave liner, will accept a green burial casket, and do not require a headstone or footstone. Ask your local cemetery or funeral home to find the greenest solution near you.

Green Burial in Alberta

Alberta is finally catching up with newer hybrid cemetery grounds. There are still no full green burial grounds, however.

Want to see more green burial in Alberta? Get in touch with your local municipality or your local cemetery or city council.


Grasslands at Royal View Memorial Cemetery
Opened in December 2019 with a section set aside for Green Burials located in the cemetery.

5920 13 Street North,
Lethbridge, AB T1H 6P4
(403) 320-3008

Southeast Cemetery
First cemetery opened in Calgary for the past 80 years, with plans to create a space for green burials. Expected in 2020.

12350 84 St SE,
Calgary, AB

Meadows of Rosehill Cemetery
Has room for about 900 green graves in a one-acre area of land located at the back end of the cemetery.

1605-141 Street SW, 
Edmonton, Alberta, T6W 1A3
(780) 434-5433

Green Burial in British Columbia

When it comes to green burial, B.C. is ahead of the game. British Columbia is home to Canada's first ever green burial space, and home to the only full, or conservation green burial cemetery in Canada.


The Denman Island Natural Burial Cemetery
Cemetery exclusive to past or present
residents of Denman Island.

Denman Island B.C.
6400 Denman Rd,
Denman Island, BC V0R 1T0

Salt Spring Island Natural Cemetery
Full Natural Conservation Cemetery, protected by Land Title. Open to the public and offers full body and cremain burial.

2100 Fulford-Ganges Road,
Salt Spring Island, B.C.


Royal Oak Cemetery
Non-for-profit community-owned hybrid cemetery in B.C. GBC certified

4673 Falaise Dr,
Victoria, BC V8Y 1B4
(250) 658-5621

Yates Memorial Services
Hybrid cemetery in B.C. GBC certified

1000 Allsbrook Rd,
Parksville, BC V9P 2A9
(250) 248-5859

Memorial Park Cemetery
Municipal cemetery in Prince George offering green burial.

3300 Memorial Park Ln,
Prince George, BC, V2N 0B5
(250) 561-7500

Powell River Regional Cemetery
Simple green burial site within the cemetery.

Corner of Cranberry Street and Crown Avenue, Powell River,
BC V8A 5V1
(604) 483-4812

Heritage Gardens Cemetery
Privately owned cemetery with dedicated green burial space.

19082 16th Avenue,
South Surrey, BC
(604) 538-0074

Mountain View Cemetery
City of Vancouver owned and operated hybrid cemetery. GBC certified

5455 Fraser St,
Vancouver, BC V5W 2Z3
(604) 325-2646

Lakeview Cemetery
Penticton municipal cemetery. Green section opening soon.

775 Lower Bench Rd,
Penticton, BC
(250) 490-3474

Village of Cache Creek Municipal Cemetery
Green burial section. GBC certified.

1290 Stage RdCache Creek,
BC V0K 1H0
(250) 457-6237

Green Burial in Manitoba

There are no full green burial cemetery grounds in Manitoba. Want to see full green burial in Manitoba? Get in touch with your local municipality or your local cemetery:

City of Winnipeg
Call: (204)-986-4348
Email: cemeteries@winnipeg.ca

City of Brandon:
Call: (204)-729-2150


Brookside Cemetery
3001 Notre Dame Ave,
Winnipeg, MB R3H 1B8
(204) 986-4348

Transcona Cemetery
5014 Dugald Rd,
Winnipeg, MB R0E 0K0
(204) 986-4348

St. Vital Cemetery
236 River Rd,
Winnipeg, MB R2M 5G6

Green Burial in New Brunswick

There are no full or hybrid green burial grounds in New Brunswick. However plans are underway to offer green options. Plans can be viewed here.

Green Burial in Nova Scotia

Want to see full green burial in Nova Scotia? Get in touch with your local municipality or your local cemetery:

Call: (902)-490-4883
Email: cemetery@halifax.ca


Pleasant Hill Cemetery 
Lower Sackville,Halifax County,
Nova Scotia, Canada

Sunrise Park Inter-Faith Cemetery
2025 Prospect Rd, Hatchet Lake,
Nova Scotia, Canada B3T 1R9

The Burlington Kings County Cemetery Society
Barley Street, 
Nova Scotia
(No website found)

Green Burial in North West Territories

Want to see green burial in the Northwest Territories? Get in touch with your local municipality or your local cemetery:

City of Yellowknife
Call: (867)-920-5624

Green Burial in NL & Labrador

Want to see green burial in NL & Labrador? Get in touch with your local municipality, your local cemetery or Service Newfoundland:

Service Newfoundland:
Call: (877)-986-2600

Green Burial in Nunavut

There are no full or hybrid green burial grounds in Nunavut. Permafrost and the threat of flooding are great concerns for Iqaluit Cemetery, Nunavut's only municipal cemetery ground.

Green Burial in Ontario

While Ontario has no full green burial cemeteries, many cemeteries offer hybrid services.

Want to see full green burial in Ontario? Get in touch with your local municipality or your local cemetery:

Bereavement Authority of Ontario
Call: (844)-493-6356.


Woodlawn Memorial Park
762 Woolwich Street,
Guelph, ON N1H 3Z1

St John's Cemetery
2878 St John's Dr,
Jordan Station, ON

Fairview Cemetery
4501 Stanley Ave,
Niagara Falls, ON L2E 2E8
(905) 354-4721

Duffin Meadows Cemetery
2505 Brock Road North,
Pickering, ON L1V 2P8

The Glenwood Cemetery
Now licensed to offer Green Burials. A new section has been developed to offer Green Burials in a natural green forest.

47 Ferguson Street Picton,
Ontario K0K 2T0
(613) 476-3511

Williamsburg Cemetery
1541 Fischer Hallman Rd
Kitchener, ON N2R 1P6

Meadowvale Cemetery
7732 Mavis Road
Brampton, ON L6Y 5L5

Cobourg Union Cemetery
110 Elgin St W,
Cobourg, ON

St. James Anglican Churchyard Cemetery
21 Church Rd.
Roseneath, Ontario,
K0K 2X0

Parkview Cemetery
335 University Ave,
Waterloo, ON N2J 4A8
(519) 725-9280

Green Burial in PEI

Want to see green burial in PEI? Get in touch with your local municipality or your local cemetery:

The Peoples Cemetery Charlottetown
Call: (902)-892-8580
Email: thepeoplescemetery@gmail.com

Consumer Services, Dep. of Environment, Labour & Justice:
Call: (800)-658-1799

Green Burial in Quebec

Want to see green burial in Quebec? Get in touch with your local municipality or your local cemetery:

Office de la protection du consommateur:
Call: (888)-672-2556


Sentiers Commémoratifs de la Rivière
Urns only natural cemetery
2480 Bd du Curé-Labelle,
Prévost, QC J0R 1T0


Cimetière Catholique Granby
Offers an urn only green burial section where Bio-Urn can be planted
460 Rue Dufferin,
Granby, QC J2G 9G2
(450) 378-8777

Green Burial in Saskatchewan

Note: There is a private green cemetery in Saskatchewan, however they are currently full and requested we do not add them to the list.
Want to see green burial in Saskatchewan?
Get in touch with your local municipality or your local cemetery:

City of Saskatoon
Call: (306)-975-3308
Email: cemetery@saskatoon.ca

City of Regina:
Call: (306)-777-7395
Email: cemeteries@regina.ca

Green Burial in Yukon

There are no full or hybrid green burial grounds in the Yukon. However Grey Mountain Cemetery is "presently looking at including natural burials and scattering gardens in the next expansion phase scheduled to open in 2018.” You can view that plan here.

Want to see green burial in The Yukon? Get in touch with your local municipality or your local cemetery:

City of Whitehorse
Call: (867) 668-8325
Email: parks@whitehorse.ca

Dawson City:
Call: (867)-993-5391
Email: info@dawsonmuseum.ca


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    Yates Memorial Services on Vancouver Island (Parksville)offers green burial, and is certified by the Green Burial Society of Canada.

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