10. Jimi Hendrix

Grave Hunting Level: *

Hendrix was yet another music legend that died too early. He is now buried outside of Seattle and attracts fans from all over the world to his grave. His burial site was since given an update and is now complete with song lyrics, a graffiti portrait of Hendrix and more.


CC John Pfeifler

11. Frank Sinatra

Grave Hunting Level: *

Frank Sinatra, the multi-talented superstar was and is still loved by many. After his passing in 1998 and his burial in the Desert Memorial park, the lyrics “The Best is Yet to Come” were inscribed on his gravestone. Fans across the world have been coming to pay their respects ever since. 


12.   Bob Marley

Grave Hunting Level: ***

If you’re up for a trip to sunny Jamaica you should check out the resting place of reggae superstar, Bob Marley. His childhood home has since been converted into a crypt of sorts dedicated to him, his music and his family. 


13. Princess Diana

Grave Hunting Level: ****

In the 90s, Princess Diana became the world’s sweetheart. While we didn’t want to include royalty, she makes this list due to the gravity and particularity of her death. People blamed the paparazzi for chasing Diana’s chauffeur and causing a serious car accident which took her life. Since 1997, mourners have steadily made the journey to the Spencer-family estate, Althorp, in the United Kingdom to pay their respects. However, it is only open to the public during July and September so make sure you plan your trip accordingly or you will be denied entry at the gate.


14. John Lennon (Cremated)

Grave Hunting Level: *

While John Lennon was cremated, it would be hard to not put him on this list. Everyday people make their way to the Strawberry Fields Memorial at Central Park in New York City to ponder and pay respect to the life of Lennon. While the actual location of his ashes are a mystery, you can “imagine” that Lennon’s spirit will live on forever.


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Which is your favourite celebrity burial site?


By Matthew Dessner


  1. Wow, very powerful symbol seeing how Coco Chanel continued advertising even in death. Merv Griffins quote is also pretty fascinating..

  2. We don’t “bury” inside of a mausoleum, we “entomb”.

    1. Thank you! We’ll change the language to reflect that

  3. […] about the architecture of the tombs, their histories, or seeking out the grave site of a famous personality, cemeteries are fascinating places to visit and explore. In fact, cemeteries were once designed for […]

  4. Jimi Hendrix..without a doubt..all these stars have a special memory for each of us..for me being a teeneger in the late sixties..Hendrix was and still is a gift from God..RIP..

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