Watch: Nagoro The Valley of Dolls

Nagoro the Valley of Dolls

In this remote Japanese village, residents have found a novel way to memorialize the dead. Nagoro The Valley of Dolls is a documentary film by Fritz Schumann that takes place in Nagoro on one of the four main islands of Japan.

Living in a town whose residents have passed away, are rapidly aging or are moving away, gave Ayano Tsukimi the idea to make life sized dolls in the likeness of the deceased. These dolls provide a unique way for the village residents to remember the dead by how they once lived and allow the dead to remain forever as they once were.

Nagoro The Valley of Dolls

Tsukimi has now made over 350 dolls that can be found scattered throughout the town enjoying the activities their predecessors once loved: swimming, fishing, napping, holding hands, and more. The empty streets of this once vibrant town are now filled with more dolls than living people!

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